GROW! modular design furniture

Unleash The

Interior Designer

Inside You

Designed in Paris. Manufactured in Germany.

Endless possibilities. From shelving to seating to partition, GROW! offers an easy way to create beautiful and functional interior settings that will transform your home or office into something extraordinary.
Modularity just got lighter.

More Design Freedom

Maximum Flexibility

We believe in versatility, which means your GROW! system will be able to go wherever life takes you. The system builds up on one main element which allows the users endless configurations and the possibility to change their interior according to their needs. From shelving to seating to partition. Finally the freedom you’ve been craving is here.

Design: Marine Peyre

Prepare To Get Creative.

Designed in Paris. Manufactured in Germany.
The Best Materials. Zero Compromises.

Incredibly Light

a unit only weighs 300g. No heavy lifting anymore. Easy to install.

Eco Friendly

utilising only one single material to make the product: ARPRO EPP, a 100% recyclable plastic foam, which is toxic free, emission free.

Easy To Install

No tools or know-how needed. We promise.

Ultra Durable

No sharp edges & shock absorbing. You don’t need to worry about injuries from bumping into it or damages from dropping it on the floor.

Modular Connectors

the connectors allow you to easily change your configuration quickly.

Lid & Back

use the lid and back piece to close some of your shelving units or alternatively use the lids as ribs to create a sturdy seat or bench.

Main Module

One element – a million possibilities.

The Finest Team

Passion Meets Expertise

Everyone involved in the GROW! project is a passionate expert in his/her field, and what this translates into ultimately is a higher quality product. We have chosen the best in design, engineering, tool making and production to deliver the best product experience to you.

We have been successfully crowdfunding a project before and delivered on time, so rest assured; we know exactly what’s needed to handle it.

Enter Into A World Of Lightness

The GROW! units are made from Movisi’s signature high-performance plastic foam known as ARPRO EPP (Expanded Polypropylene).
The material is strong and sturdy, yet extremely light so you can change and move it easily anytime.
100% recyclable, toxic free, emission free, hypoallergenic and even food approved.

From shelving …

to seating …

to partition

“GROW! is the most flexible furniture system we have developed so far.
It has a strong emphasis on playfulness and simplicity, which embraces the Movisi DNA.”

Natascha - CEO, Movisi

“The aim was to create a system which is not only modular and multi-functional.
It should also be an intriguing design piece, an elegant eye-catcher.”

Marine Peyre - Designer